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Stylish lofts for rent in listed building in the centre of Leipzig

Cultural heritage and modern architecture

The British developer of Egelstraβe 10 has a long history modernising buildings that have been overlooked for far too long and were in dire need of refurbishment. Most projects would have certainly been demolished if he had not had a vision how to inject life into a dormant piece of history.

His philosophy is to protect as much historical structure and architectural features as possible and restoring these respectfully back to their former glory. He uses new building methods, styles and materials that enhance the old structure making the building fit for modern living in the 21st century. When it comes to the interior design of the flat not many compromises are made. He has a clear vision, a symbiosis of style, comfort and practicality. In historical buildings this at times is not easily achieved but with other projects he has proven that persistency succeeds in the end.

His portfolio stretches far beyond Leipzig with other residential and commercial properties in Berlin, Gera and London; all of them utterly unique in their stylish combination of old and new and a finish to the highest standard. Upcoming projects are currently in planning in Frankfurt and Birmingham.



The developer chooses each architect for each project with great care to ensure both agree on the idea and any differences in opinions later on will subsequently lead to perfecting the main concept.

Egelstraβe 10 was just the right assignment for Stefan Zech-Osberghaus. He has been working as an independent architect in Leipzig since 1998. The developer and the architect have the same approach, making the historical importance of the building priority and increasing its longevity by making it a part of modern life.

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